General Insurance

Insurance in common is an economical protection against loss or damage for both life and non life.

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General Insurance

Insurance in common is an economical protection against loss or damage for both life and non life. Life insurance deals with human lives whereas general insurance deals with non life like motor, health,personal accident, fire etc.,

Types of General Insurances Policies

  •    Motor Insurance
  •    Health Insurance
  •    Travel Insurance
  •    Personal Accident Insurance
  •    House holders Insurance
  •    Group Personal Accident Insurance
  •    Group Mediclaim Insurance

Apart from the above we have wide range of general insurance products today in market which helps us to feel safe in all kinds of risk involved. We have policies like miscellaneous, construction and engineering insurance, business package insurance, industrial all risk insurance, marine insurance, commercial motor, tractor and other farm vehicle insurance, fire insurance, cattle insurance, agriculture pumpset insurance, micro insurance policies etc.,

Why do we need General Insurance ?

There are certain risks and unforeseen events in life such as illnesses, accident, damage to vehicle, burglary at home or natural calamities causing destruction of property that can impact our lives adversely. Without any insurance against these events, we are vulnerable and our money can get severely impacted. So we have general insurance policies in market today to cut down our financial risks towards any uncertain circumstances.

Motor Insurance

MOTOR INSURANCE is the insurance policy which offers coverage for property, accident and liability losses involving motor vehicles. Insurance that provides protection to the owners of motor vehicles and damage to their vehicles. Basic cover for injury to THIRD PARTIES and damage to their property.

Health Insurance

HEALTH INSURANCE is the insurance coverage that protects insured, or his/her family members from financial hardships due to illness or sick or injury due to any misshapenness. Financial protection is provided in the form of reimbursement and cashless facilities to insured against medical costs!. Two types of classification are available in market i.e. reimbursement and fixed benefit type. And we have individual health policies and family floater policies which can be covered to the whole family in one plan.

Travel Insurance

TRAVEL INSURANCE cover medical expenses, financial, and other losses incurred while travelling, either within one's own country, or internationally. Travel insurance can be usually taken at the time of booking of a trip to cover exactly the duration of that trip. We can take travel insurance policies today for individuals, families, students, business & international.

Personal Accident Insurance

Policy provides financial compensation in the unfortunate event of an accident leading to the death or disablement of the insured. The policy is divided into various risk categories [based primarily on occupation] and policy terms & conditions will vary depending on the risk category.

House holders Insurance

Householders Insurance Policy is a comprehensive package policy that protects householders from a wide gamut of potential risks and perils. Provides coverage against loss to buildings and contents from certain perils and occupiers liability.

Group Personal accident insurance

Your employees are your greatest asset. To demonstrate that you value them you want to help them and their loved ones in case of misfortune. To cater to this large human pool general insurance companies provides tailor made options to suit your needs. With the Group Personal Accident (GPA) Policy you can offer benefits like accidental death cover, disability cover, children's education allowance and more.

Group Mediclaim insurance

It is a well known fact that an employee values a health insurance cover and its benefits. It is viewed by the employee as the second best thing next to monetary compensation, and gives the employer the added advantage of being able to employ and retain the best in the business. General insurance companies helps you cover your employee's health insurance at a low and affordable price and are of great help in instances of hospitalization, disability and even unfortunate death resulting from accidents. What's important, it involves no major costs for your organization, but goes a long way in cementing their belief in you.